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About Me

Hi!  I’m Elder (Enoch) Councill.  This blog details my two year mission to Taichung Taiwan from July 2016 to July 2018.  In Taiwan I will be serving the Chinese people and teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ.  My goal is to share with others the joy and peace that the knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ brings to my life.


I will do my best to keep this blog updated each week with stories of people I meet, places I go, and how the experiences change my life.

About My Mission


My mission area comprises approximately 2/3rds of Taiwan in the southwest region of the island.  Taiwan is a tropical and mountainous island off of the southeast coast of China and sits in between the South China Sea, East China Sea, and the Philippine Sea.  If you would like to see a map of my mission, click here.

Since the island is tropical, it’ll be really humid year round and super rainy in the spring/summer.  The temperature will typically be in the 90s on average in the summer, and in the 50s on average in the winter, unless I’m in the mountains where its much cooler.

Taiwan has the BEST food.  I’ll have delicious tropical fruits and not to mention authentic Chinese food 24/7.  If you want to have a small taste of the kinds of food I’m eating, check out my weekly posts here.  I will try to put pictures of all the tasty meals I have each week.

While in Taiwan I will serve in a specific smaller area of my mission, which could be in any of the large  metropolitan cities on the coast, or in the far more rural areas closer to and in the mountains.  Every once and a while I’ll be transferred to a new area, where I’ll be in a different congregation, have a new companion, and serve entirely new people.

My mission is a bike mission, meaning a bike will be my primary form of transportation for two whole years.  Since I will always be with another missionary, there will be two bikes, hence the name of this blog.