Back In Provo

Hello peoples.  Yesterday I hopped on a plane and flew from home out to Provo to head to the MTC (Missionary Training Center).  Let me tell you it was quite a trip.  First off I had a 3 hour delay in Detroit, where I was able to take a nice little nap.  Until that is when an abrupt but kind man loudly asked, “Are you sleeping?”  I answered yes rather grudgingly but sat up and woke up.  We chatted for a bit, turns out he could tell I was a missionary and he wanted to know if I was heading home after two years or just heading out.  We talked about Taiwan, a little bit about family, and just how I was feeling in general.  He was super nice!  I was glad he woke me up.

Once I got on the plane to Salt Lake was when things got a little eventful.  Our departure was delayed an hour because the fire alarm was going off in the control tower, or something like that.  All the planes were grounded and had to wait for the fire marshal to clear us.  I was worried that my ride from the airport was going to miss me and I’d be stranded.  But I figured it was going to be okay so I just waited.  When I got to Salt Lake it was 10:45 pm and Jacob (my ride) was nowhere to be found.  After I grabbed my luggage, I found the guy who woke me up in Detroit and asked if I could borrow his phone to make a call.  I was able to call my mom and found out that Jacob came to the airport at 7!  I had sent him the wrong itinerary.  I had no idea that I had two different flight plans and the one I sent him was outdated.  So everyone in Utah was freaking out trying to find out where I was whereas my mom was confused because I wasn’t supposed to land until 9:40 anyway.  But I was able to get a hold of Jacob, who was an hour away, and I waited for him to pick me up.

While I was waiting a saw this girl who totally looked like a sister missionary.  We made awkward eye contact a few times as if we both were wondering if the other was in the same boat as us.  She eventually came over and said, “Are you reporting to the MTC tomorrow?”  Well yes indeed I was.  Since she had to wait for the next shuttle 45 min away and I was still waiting for Jacob, we were able to chat for a while about our different missions and life in general.  I was definitely grateful we ran into each other as it gave each of us something to do while we waited.  I was especially grateful that she was kind enough to offer me a piece of tasty dark chocolate.

Eventually Jacob found me, we headed down to Provo, and we stopped for some 1am Del Taco.  Like good old times we had a taco Tuesday (even though it was technically early morning Wednesday).  I crashed at his place last night and now I’m waiting to head to IHop for a last hurrah with some family before I report to the MTC at 12:45.    It’s been a fun trip, I’m super excited, and I can’t wait for some pancakes.  Peace out friends!

-Elder Councill