Total Joy

On Enoch’s last preparation day he emailed me and reminded me that he would be allowed to call home from the airport and that several other elders had received a burner phone from their parents.  I hadn’t realized that calling from the airport was still normal practice.  We sent him a burner phone by fed ex the next day.  LOL

It was so incredible to speak with him.  Let me tell you all, ENOCH CAN SPEAK CHINESE!!!  Granted, he has only studied the language for 9 weeks, BUT STILL.  I was able to carry on a conversation with my son in Mandarin Chinese.  We were each able to express our gratitude for our Savior Jesus Christ, in Chinese, and understand one another.  Enoch said, “mom!  I’ve heard you speak Chinese my entire life and I’ve never been able to understand anything you say, until now.”  Of course, I’m no native speaker and our conversation was simple, but it was simply awesome. What a miracle and testament to God’s work that a 19 year old can enter the MTC and nine weeks later be able to express themselves and understand others in a new language.

I love the people of Taiwan.   They are wonderful, hardworking, generous, and happy people.  They wrapped their arms around me and sustained me during the three years that I lived in their country.   I love their language and their culture.   Enoch grew up hearing me frequently express my love and gratitude for the Taiwanese people.  He is arriving in Taiwan already loving the people God has asked him to serve.  Enoch is also returning to his childhood home.  He lived in Taiwan from the age of three months to 3 and 1/2 years.

I know that Enoch is doing God’s work.  As he shows the people of Taiwan how much he loves them, he will find those who are seeking to learn more about their savior Jesus Christ.  Of course I miss him, but I know that he is where God wants and needs him to be.