Week 25, Qishan week 16

January 1, 2017

Hey ya’ll.  How ya’ll doing?  Its mighty fine o’er here in Qishan.  I’m having a grand ole time.  I hope ya’ll are too.

Okay now that hopefully I’ve gotten everyone to start reading this in a country accent, lets begin.  This week was so memorable I don’t even remember what happened!  Actually no I do remember stuff, its just crazy how fast weeks are flying by.  I’ve almost been on my mission for 6 months.  I think my 6 month mark is next week?  I left on July 13th so yeah that would make sense.  Anyways life is wonderful!  OH YEAH AND ITS A NEW YEAR.  Whoa.  Like every year its going to take me at least a month to remember to write the correct date.  ah well.
So this last Monday I got to talk to my family on Skype!!!  That was pretty neat!  We even did one of them fancy, handy dandy three way call thingies and I got to talk to my Sister in Brazil too!  That was super awesome.  I had forgotten what they all looked like.  (just kidding)  Yeah I love my family.
Tuesday I got my Christmas presents!!!  My parents sent me electric shoe dryers!!  Oh what a miracle!  I then got to use them on Wednesday because rain.  My favorite thing that they sent was a bag filled with flour and a bag filled with molasses.  I CAN MAKE GINGER SNAPS!!!  I’m going to be 100% honest.  I started crying.  Today I’m going to buy some butter and we are making ginger snaps.  That’s the most important thing that happened this week so I could just stop right now.  But since I have extra time and I love you all I’ll keep writing.
Wednesday for English class we watched a movie called Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration.  Its an hour and 20 minute movie on the the Book of Mormon and the founding of our church.  What was really awesome was that we had a new investigator show up to class that day and she had the opportunity to watch it.  She’s pretty cool.  She actually just showed up to our Christmas activity by herself because she wanted to see what it was like and then she agreed to meet with us later.  She also speaks like 5 languages.  Pretty neat.  She might just become our best investigator, but its too early to tell right now.
We met with Angel a few times this week.  She’s awesome!  And also crazy.  But she isn’t insane like her brother is!   For context, she is the younger sister of this super crazy guy who speaks English in our ward named Michael.  She also is the Aunt of Chen He Zhi who is a 14 year old who got baptized a little less than a year ago who we meet with every week.  They all live together.  Angel is great!!  She totally believes everything we teach and has a lot of faith.  Her problem is that she still believes is Taoist Gods and bai bais.  Also, her second ex husband just got out of jail and now is living with them.  We haven’t met him yet, but apparently he’s anti-church.  We’ll see how it goes.
Ya’ll, I know Christ lives.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer.  One thing I’ve thought a little about this week is how great a miracle His gospel is.  The fact that we all are imperfect, make mistakes, and to put it simply do stupid stuff, and then through Him can change, improve, and grow is a miracle.  Don’t forget that!  I can’t imagine what this world would be like without Him.  I think we often times in our lives take for granted simple gospel truths like this.  I think every day I need to remember and be grateful for that.  Yes its something I’ve known and heard a million times since I was a kid, but its true.  It will always be true.  I’ll do my best not to take it for granted and I hope you all will too.
I read a scripture this morning that I like.  In 2 Nephi 26:31 it says, “the laborer in Zion will labor for Zion.”  And then it says, “for if they labor for money, they shall perish.”   I like it because it gives me a pretty clear purpose for everything I do.  Why college?  Why a career?  Why do all these things that people do i life?  For Zion.  For my God.  I want to be a part of Zion, so I need to labor for Zion and for my God.  So yeah, there ya go.
Fun fact, today I’m going to try to cut my hair.  Wish me luck!
Love you all!
-Elder Councill