Week 29 Qishan week 20 恭喜發財!

HELLO.  HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!  I bet half of you didn’t even know that’s happening right now.  Well let me tell ya, its happening.  We’ve been woken up by fireworks at like 5 in the morning for the past few days.  Yay.  So fun.  Love it.  I also have seen a 50+ year old man dressed as a dragon banging on people’s doors, followed closely by similarly aged people banging drums.  This is such a great holiday.

No but honestly, because its Guo Nian, I’ve eaten some great food recently.  Hmmmm.  Soo tasty.  The other day I tried telling some people I liked Taro milk.  They were incredibly surprised, but that’s because instead of saying Taro milk, I said fish head.  They sound remarkably similar.  Once I clarified they were less surprised.
So I like to build stuff.  My most recent creation has been Risk.  Since there are no places to buy games in Qishan, and since I wanted to play Risk, I just build one.  Its pretty neat.  Its not as shuai as the chess set I made but that’s because I couldn’t make this one magnetic.  Any way I finished it last night and my companion and I played for a bit.  He gave up once it was apparent I was going to beat him.  That was fun.
Well we had some crazy things happen this week.  Like yesterday we were tracting by the mountains and this old guy came up to us on a motorcycle.  He talked to him about Jesus and then he told us to follow him.  He took us to his house and then told us to go in, but then he drove away.  So we talked to I guess his granddaughters who were home, but we left because there weren’t any adults home.  We then saw him getting into the gutter on the side of the road.  We ended up helping him unclog part of it so help the flow of water.  It was weird.  We’ll probably visit his house later, just because its apparent he’s willing to let us teach his family.
Crazy miracle that happened this week.  We went all the way out to Neimen with a member for a lesson.  The same guy I think I talked about last week. Well he wasn’t there.  Which was super disappointing because we didn’t think we’d ever see him again.  Remember he doesn’t have a phone and he’s too far away to just drop by so there was literally no way to contact him.  Well luckily for us God was watching out because about an hour later we saw him in Qishan, just sitting down.  He totally felt bad that he forgot about our scheduled lesson and we were able to set up again.  Pretty neat huh?
We also had zone conference this week!  There was a worldwide missionary broadcast that we got to watch!  We have a new missionary schedule!  That’s pretty cool.  We also get more time on pday to do fun stuff!  Like sleep!  And do laundry!  Yay!  This is so exciting.  I also got to see a ton of missionaries!  Half of the mission was there, so about 100 missionaries!  I hadn’t seen that many white people in a long time.  I saw some old friends, like Sister Tracy who I knew at BYU.
But the best part about the conference was some of the things I learned.  I want to please God.  I’ve always known God is my heavenly father.  I’ve always known that he loves me.  I’ve always known that he wants me to make good, righteous decisions.  But until now I’ve never felt that part of my motivation for living the gospel of Jesus Christ was to please him.  Recently I’ve been thinking about my everyday actions and asked myself if God would be pleased if I do this, or that?  Would he be proud of me as his son if I did those things?  If not, I shouldn’t do them.  Are my actions building his trust in me?  If not, I should change.  This is what repentance is at its core.  Repentance is changing any action, thought, or behavior that isn’t in harmony with God’s will for us.  If we did everything that God wanted us to do, imagine how amazing our lives would be.  After all, he is perfect.  He knows everything.  And on top of being an all-powerful, all-knowing being, he wants whats best for us because he loves us.  He is on our side.  He is on my side.  I want to make him proud of me by what I do for the rest of my life.  I want to please my God.  Do you?
I love you all!  Yes even you sitting in the back, you’re my favorite.   Hope you have a wonderful Chinese New Year, even if you didn’t know when it was.  Y’all are awesome.  Don’t forget it.
Love, 伍長老  Wu Zhang Lao