Week 39, Qishan Week 30, JiaYi Week 0

April 11, 2017

Hi everyone!  Before I begin, I have a curiosity question.  What was the results of March Madness?  Is that thing still going on?  I don’t even know.

Anyways… I MOVED!  Yes, its miraculous!  Turns out I won’t be spending my entire mission in Qishan.  I now reside in JiaYi!  This area is actually where my first companion, Elder Watson, was trained.  Good times.  I’ll tell you what I know about my new area.  It has part of the center of JiaYi, which is much closer to what you’d expect a busy city in Asia to be like that Qishan was.  Our area also includes Alishan, which is a famous big mountain that unfortunately we aren’t allowed to go to.  😦  BUT!  Our area also has the best food in the mission, but not if you ask Taiwanese people.  That’s because here in JiaYi there is legitimate mexican food and american burgers.  I’m excited, to say the least.  AND our apartment in the newest and nicest in the mission.  It feels more posh than my house in America.  I’m not even kidding.  I’ll send out pictures of it next week.  It’s niiiice. 🙂  Big change from Qishan!
Oh yeah, I’m also District Leader now!  My new companion is Elder Anderson who has been on Island three months less than me.  He’s from Utah!
LETS TALK ABOUT CONFERENCE!   GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING.  I am proud to say that I fell asleep not once.  I was wide awake the entire time.  I got a lot out of it, but this is what I’d like to share this week about it.  It is extremely important that as we go through this life we get to know our Heavenly Father.  God is our Heavenly Father.  He loves us.  He is perfect.  The more we understand Him, His characteristics, His loves, His ways, and His plan for us, the happier we are and the easier life gets.  The happiest people are the ones that know God, truly know Him.  That’s my goal.
Okay so this last week was a wonderful goodbye to Qishan.  It went by fast.  Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to eat lunch with Lin Jun Gu and then dinner with Bishop and his family.  It was super fun.  Yesterday was also perhaps one of the most beautiful days in Qishan I had ever seen.  The air was super clear.  The moon was full.  We could see all the mountains around us and at night the mountains were illuminated by the light of the moon.  Aw it was gorgeous!  Elder Westcott made a good observation.  He said that we were the two most watched over people in that area.  When I asked him why, he told me its because we were called to serve in that area by the God and creator of this world.  Why wouldn’t He give a missionary the blessing of beholding the beauty of His creation?  He loves us all very much, not just missionaries, but everyone.  He will bless us if we allow him to.
I love you all!