Week 41 JiaYi Week 2

April 24, 2017

Okay dajia nihao.  I’m too lazy to find the characters for that so good luck finding out what that means.

Anyways, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!  Who planted a tree?  Who knew it was Earth Day?
Okay so this last week was pretty normal I guess.  We did some contacting at the college here in JiaYi and that went pretty well.  We actually set up two lessons with two different kids and guess what?  Neither of them were able to make it.  Too bad.  Next time.
Contacting people here is way different than from my last area.  In Qishan we did a lot of walking.  We also knocked on a good number of doors.  Here we bike a lot and just talk to people at the red light.  There’s this one street with about 15 traffic lights that turn red all at once and sometimes we go contact that road by just stopping at the red lights and saying hi to the people on mopeds next to us.  Sometimes they are willing to pull over and talk to us.
The other night I said hello to well dressed man on a moped and we had a nice little conversation.  I told him I believed Jesus could bless everyone’s life and he told me he believed.  He pulled over and chatted and then we set up with him.  He was weird but super cool.  You don’t meet very many business type people here in Taiwan.  Most people are super buhaoyisi.  There’s no good translation for that I’m sorry.  Anyways it was refreshing to talk to someone like him.  He felt American.

Speaking of Americans, I met quite a few this week.  First off, we were walking down the road when this Asian man in perfect English said “hey guys, what’s up”  He was first generation American-Taiwanese from West Virginia.  Super nice guy.  Didn’t speak Mandarin at all but could perfectly understand Taiwanese.  That’s just weird.  Right after talking to him this kid came up to us on a bike and spoke to us in perfect English.  His name was Douglas.  He was an exchange student for 2 years in IDAHO.  He lived with a Mormon family.  Weird encounter.

Yesterday we biked past this American guy who sells cheesecake.  Real cheesecake.  Not Taiwanese fake cheesecake.  Needless to say, I took his business card (after trying several samples of course)

Well everyone.  I love you all.  Life is so wonderful.  Seriously though its the best.
OH!  Update from Qishan.  Do yall remember Chen JieMei?  The Christian woman I taught who had 2 kids and was super awesome!  She is getting baptized this weekend!  Heck Yeah!  That makes me so happy.
God love you all!  If you don’t believe me, you should pray about it.
Elder Councill