Week 42 JiaYi Week 3

May 1

Hi everyone.  First off, shout out to my cousins who are heading out to Brazil and Spain on their missions soon!  What the heck.  So neat.  They grow up so fast.

This week was busy.  What am I saying.  Every week is busy.
We discovered this week that there is a member of our ward that lives inside of a Taoist temple.  Nice guy.  I have no idea why he is living inside of a Taoist temple though. He’s a Mormon.  Strange.  Pretty neat though.  We’ll plan on visiting him in the future.
So we decided to do this thing that would take 2 hours and make 3 hours of time, so in effect we would be pulling an hour out of nowhere.  We did 2 straight hours of calling through former investigators.  BUT for the first hour I did language study and my companion called numbers.  The next hour, we switched.  Previous to this exercise we would have just done one hour of calls taking turns calling numbers and then do an hour of language study at another time.  But this way, it was like magic.  And we set up with like 4 people for this week.  Nice.
While we were calling people this high school aged girl came up to me and asked in broken English if I was married.  I was rather surprised by her question so I exclaimed, “Married??”  She and all of her friends started laughing.  Her friends thought it was super funny.  She just laughed out of embarrassment.  Evidently she tried to say missionary, not married, and it just came out wrong.  Then she told my companion and I how handsome we were and asked to take a picture.  I do love the celebrity life.  My current fan base is 14 year old Taiwanese girls that love white people.
Last night we were walking back to our bikes at around 8:45pm, about to head home when we stopped and talked to this older man who was about to get on his moped.  My companion began talking to him and told him we were sharing about the Book of Mormon.  Judging this man based on appearance and the fact he wasn’t really responding to anything we said, I wanted to say goodnight and move on.  But, I felt like I should testify to him of the power of the Book of Mormon.  And so I did.  I told him that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  If we read the book, we will feel God’s love for us and bring us closer to Him.  I also told him the book would bring his life happiness and peace.  He responded by asking us how much the book cost.  I told him it was free.  We plan on meeting him on Tuesday.  The Book of Mormon is a powerful tool.  I urge you all to read it.  If you don’t have one, they are free and easy to find.  All you have to do is click this link.  https://www.mormon.org/ Its that simple.  Some missionaries will drop by your door and give you a free copy.  They will then kindly offer to share with you how the book can bless your life.  Do it.  Click the link.  Read the Book of Mormon.  Free happiness.  It’s that easy.
I love you all!  If I could give you all a great big hug, I would.  But alas, I am in Taiwan.  So this email and the following picture will have to do.
-Elder Council