Week 47 JiaYi Week 8 Moving

June 4, 2017

Yes you read the subject right.  I am moving.  No, I am not being transferred.  Elder Chen and I have to move to another place in JiaYi because our current landlord wants to live in our current house.  It certainly is sad, having to leave behind the beautiful mansion in which I now reside, but I find peace in the fact that our new apartment is equally awesome.  Its on the top floor of an apartment building.  Its already fully furnished, with brand new appliances!  We have a big new fridge!  And other neat little things.  I’ll send pictures next week when we’ve fully moved.

Right now I’m pretty tired.  I can’t think of any cool stories from this week.  Actually never mind I lied, I thought of one.  Okay so you know how in my last email I said we knocked on the door of a Christian man who might be interested.  We’ve met with him twice since then.  He’s great!  He suans (counts as) a Christian but he hasn’t been baptized because his current pastor says he isn’t ready and also because his parent don’t want him to be baptized.  He’s about 50 years old.  But yeah!  He even came to our English class.  His English name is none other than Abraham.  So cool.
AND THEN!  Remember the two older woman we met the same night we met Abraham?  We visited them on Thursday.  Only one of them was there, and she even prepared a lot of food for us.  Her name is Wang, which means king.  Good old Sister Wang.  She has read the Bible countless times.  She’s been reading it almost every day for decades and even has taken notes.  She showed us the stacks of journals she has with notes from her reading from throughout the years.  WOW.  There are not many people like that in Taiwan.  She won’t attend church because she says they are all different and all say that they are the only true one, but that logically doesn’t make sense because Jesus has one church and she doesn’t know which one it is.  Did I mention she’s in her 70s.  Super cool.  I’m excited to visit her again soon.
For those of you that need a laugh, here are some pictures of failed attempts of me in Qishan trying to snag a picture of a heal click.
In this one I look a little odd.
In this one I look awkward and still odd.
Okay in this one I’m having fun.
Life is sometimes like these heal clicks.  You try three times.  Each time you fail.  But hey!  You had fun and you learned something while doing it!  So not all is lost.  Just smile, have a laugh, and keep on moving forward.  Life is not perfect, but it sure is rewarding and fun.  Remember that!
Love you all!
-Elder Councill